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Swimming pool

SUPERSMART SECURITY FORCE provides Swimming Pool maintenance services with a team of highly dedicated and trained technicians. Our professional Swimming Pool maintenance services include: 

  • Check and maintain proper swimming pool treated water levels.

  • Check pumps, piping, filters, guard rails, associated surfaces, and report deficiencies to the COR/COTR immediately.

  • Chemical monitoring and balancing: Measure, record results of chlorine, and PH tests in a daily logbook, adjust chemicals accordingly to ensure that all chemicals are in a safe and acceptable range.

  • Check water clarity and adjust chemical or clean as required to maintain clear water at acceptable chemical levels.

  • Check the water temperature, record it in the daily logbook.

  • Clean pump’s filters, sand filters, drainage systems, and all other associated features.

  • Clean hair filter strainer, skimmer basket, and overflow trough.

  •    Clean pool water of floating debris.

  • On a daily basis, the pool attendant shall undertake procedures likely to interrupt the pool usage before 9.00 am. Upon request, the client may request for variation to this depending on the activities on-going within the swimming pool area

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