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Sewage Treatment Plant

SUPERSMART SECURITY FORCE provides STP services with a team of highly dedicated and trained technicians. Our professional STP services include: 

  • The operators will check regularly the inlet and outlet water PH and entering into the Sewage treatment plant. 

  • Maintenance of daily Logbook for STP Operation.

  • The operator will check MLSS (Mixing of solid and suspended liquid) and entering into the logbook.

  • Our operator will perform daily backwashing of the filtration tank to avoid the Blocking in the filter media.

  • The operator will keep the treatment plant and surroundings clean and tidy.

  •  The operator will regularly check the performance of STP.

  •  We will visit your plant if required and give technical guidance to our     People to maintain the above-said plants to achieve the design results.                                  

  • As required by the Pollution Control Board a logbook will be maintained for the Operation and maintenance of the plant.

  • Preventive maintenance of all motors, pumps will be done at regular intervals by technicians.

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